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Whale and dolphin watching in Tenerife

It’s more than seeing them. It’s feeling them.

Get up close and personal with Tenerife’s dolphins and whales with 100% legal excursions from committed companies.

Our commitment to cetaceans in Tenerife

At we select only companies that offer 100% legal whale watching excursions.

We do not accept illegal or pirate excursions simply because they ruin the wonderful spectacle of seeing dolphins and whales in the Canary Islands.

If they did not break the law, these companies would not be operating.

By breaking the law, they saturate the natural habitat of the cetaceans and take advantage of the companies that do make an effort to comply with the law.

By choosing a company you will be betting for the sustainability and conservation of cetaceans in Tenerife.

Whale and dolphin watching tours in south Tenerife

These are the best boat trips for whale watching in Tenerife. Companies that comply with the regulations and contribute to the sustainability of cetaceans and their natural habitat.

Where do you want to make your excursion?

The best whale watching companies in Tenerife

Legal and committed to the environment:

Which species of dolphins and whales can you see in Tenerife?

In Tenerife you can see two species of cetaceans almost all year round: the bottlenose dolphin and the short-finned pilot whale.

In addition, there are species of dolphins and whales that appear sporadically on the Canary coasts.

Bottlenose Dolphin or Tursiops truncatus

Pilot whale or Globicephala Macrorhynchus

Normativa legal que deben cumplir las empresas de avistamiento

In we only work with the best whale watching companies. Companies 100% legal and committed to the conservation of the marine environment.

Blue Boat Flag

The flag with the “Blue Boat” logo identifies vessels authorized for whale watching.

It is mandatory to:

  • Keep a minimum distance from the cetaceans.
  • Respect the maximum observation time.
  • Navigate at reduced speed.
  • Avoid the concentration of boats.
  • Leave the area if the animals are disturbed.

It is forbidden to:

  • To bathe with the animals.
  • To feed them.
  • To touch them.
  • To throw waste into the water.
  • To disturb them with noises.

Charter for sustainability in whale watching

The Charter for Sustainability is a voluntary commitment by whale watching companies to respect cetaceans and the environment while providing a meaningful and transformative tourism experience for the customer.

The principles behind this commitment are fivefold:

  1. Transmit meaningful and transformative experiences.
  2. A tourism product must live up to the exceptional value of this unique environment.
  3. Care for the environment, the sea and the local community.
    Comply with all current regulations.
  4. Transparency, commitment and continuous search for improvement in the sector.
  5. These companies are evaluated every year to renew their commitment.

With the year 2025 as a horizon, Tenerife has set itself the goal of becoming a benchmark for other places in the world as a tourist area that cares for the home of cetaceans and offers a significant, respectful and high added value activity.

Where are the cetaceans found in Tenerife?

From the area of Rasca to Teno, passing through the Canal del Prim and reaching the island of La Gomera, there is a unique enclave that is considered a “paradise” for cetaceans.

This area is an example of the special oceanographic and physiographic characteristics of the islands, which have allowed a great diversity of cetacean species to be concentrated in a small area, including resident, semi-resident and transient communities.

What is the best time to see cetaceans in Tenerife?

calderon tropical Globicephala macrorhynchus

The best time to see cetaceans in Tenerife is between November and May, during the winter and spring seasons.

During this period, species such as pilot whales, killer whales, bottlenose and common dolphins, and sperm whales can be observed migrating to the warm waters of southern Tenerife to feed and reproduce.

Even so, the two most frequent species (bottlenose dolphin and short-finned pilot whale) are present throughout the year and at any time of the day.

Their constant presence is a reminder of the importance of protecting these magnificent creatures and their habitat along our coasts.

Why is Tenerife one of the best places in the world to see whales and dolphins?

cetaceos los gigantes tenerife

These are the 4 factors that influence the success of the commercial whale watching industry in Tenerife:



The climatic and surface characteristics of the south-southwest of Tenerife, together with the calm waters due to the protection of the trade winds by the Teide, make approximately 86% of the days of the year suitable for whale watching.



Short-finned pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins are present year-round and can be sighted on most observation days.



The distribution area of pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins is only about twenty minutes from the coast, making them easily accessible from any type of boat.


The south-southwest coast of Tenerife has several easily accessible marinas and commercial ports, which facilitates the development of the whale-watching industry.

All these factors combined make the commercial whale watching industry in Tenerife highly productive and successful.

This is cetaceans watching in Tenerife


We are concerned about cetaceans.

They are endangered.

Their population is decreasing and there are fewer and fewer of them left.

Human activity is the direct cause, but it is also the solution.

That is why it is vital to create a counter-power.

Doing so is as easy as not buying excursions from pirate companies.

They are the ones who saturate the habitat of dolphins and whales in Tenerife, breaking the law and harming the responsible companies.

The good news is that without demand, there is no consumption. There is still time to do things right.

Bet on legal companies. Bet on sustainability. Bet for your grandchildren.

In you will not find a single company or pirate excursion, as it happens in other Internet excursion platforms.