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Atlantic ECO – Whale watching in Costa Adeje (Puerto Colon)

atlantic eco experience tenerife

Atlantic Eco Experience is a whale watching company in Los Gigantes that complies with all legal permits.

A three hour tour that includes whale watching, food and drinks.

Book at the original price below (no broker commissions):

Eco Experience – 3 hour boat tour

  • Price: 70€.
  • 3 hour boat trip
  • Departure from Puerto Colon
  • Listen to the sounds of the whales
  • Swim in the sea and snorkel
  • Information about the marine fauna
  • Participate in the cleaning of the sea
  • Refreshments and snacks

What does whale watching with Atlantic ECO Experience include?

  • Guided tour by a professional biologist
  • Whale and dolphin watching
  • Whale listening
  • Refreshments and snacks
  • Snacks and fruit on the 3 hour tour
  • Snorkel masks on the 3 hour tour

Tour information

The departure point is Puerto Colón, where the boat will depart for deeper waters while the guide gives an explanation of the fauna of the area: from birds to whales, dolphins and turtles. He will also offer information about the coast and the ocean.

Once we get close to the cetaceans, you can listen to the sounds of the whales communicating with each other.

If you choose the 3 hour tour with Eco Experience, the visit continues after seeing the cetaceans to Armeñime, where you can swim and snorkel in a special place (where you may be lucky to see sea turtles).

Here you can enjoy refreshments and snacks, and then return to Puerto Colón to end the excursion.

Recommendations before whale watching by boat

  • Wear suitable clothing to enjoy the experience.
  • Check the weather forecast for the day of the excursion.
  • Before boarding the boat you should take off your shoes, which will be taken care of by the Atlantic ECO team until the end of the activity.
  • If you get seasick easily, it is advisable to go to the pharmacy and take an anti-seasickness pill.
  • Don’t forget to apply sun cream to protect yourself.

More information about Atlantic Eco Experience Tenerife

The company Atlantic Eco Experience offers whale and dolphin watching excursions with the philosophy of responsible tourism.

Like the rest of the companies on, it is 100% legally compliant and has all the necessary permits, unlike the illegal companies that damage the environment.

Atlantic Eco Experience is a sustainable company that also has a qualified biologist on board. It is also the first company to include a hydrophone to listen to the sounds of the cetaceans in Tenerife.

It has a responsible and committed approach to environmental sustainability, helping in the collection of plastics and the recovery of marine animals.

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