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Whale and dolphin watching in Los Gigantes, Tenerife

cetaceos en los gigantes

Los Gigantes is one of the wonders of Tenerife. A unique natural place in the world where cetaceans live in their natural habitat (and we want to keep it that way for many years to come).

Do you want to go on a whale watching excursion in Los Gigantes? Bet on a 100% legal company to maintain the habitat of dolphins and whales:

Real prices, without commissions of intermediaries.

Dolphin and whale watching excursions in Los Gigantes

Picarus Sailing Club

It offers four whale watching excursions in Los Gigantes:

  • 3-hour shared tour (adult: 65€ // child (<11 years old: 55€)
  • 4 hours shared tour (adult: 75€ // child (<11 years old: 75€)
  • 4-hour private excursion (600€, single price)
  • 6 hours private tour (520€, single price)

Whale Wise Eco Tours

It offers three whale watching excursions in Los Gigantes:

  • Embrace Nature (2 hours) – 55€
  • Be Whale Wise (3 hours) – 75€
  • Wildlife Peek (2 hours) – 50€

100% legal companies with all necessary permits

Recommendations for a perfect cetacean excursion

Before your whale watching excursion in Los Gigantes, keep these tips in mind:

What do I need to bring?


  • It is advisable to bring sun cream to protect you from the sun. Sunglasses are another good idea.
  • Binoculars are a good ally for better whale watching.
  • Do you get seasick easily? You can buy anti-seasickness products at the pharmacy.
  • It is a good idea to take some warm clothing with you, as the wind chill decreases during the excursion at sea.

Do I choose a specific date?


  • Excursions to see cetaceans have a sighting rate of close to 100%, as there are resident species in Tenerife all year round, such as the short-finned pilot whale and the bottlenose dolphin.
  • Other cetacean species are more abundant in May and June.

What if I carry a camera?


  • The snapshots are often blurred by the movement of the boat and the cetaceans.
  • Please take into account the small delay between the shutter release and the taking of the picture.
  • It is recommended to avoid over-zooming.

Do I need permits?


  • This whale watching company in Los Gigantes has been awarded the “Barco Azul” flag, a mark that certifies its professionalism. Therefore, no permission is required from the client.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know that the whale watching company in Los Gigantes is legal?

All companies comply with the regulations for 100% legal whale watching. They all have the “Blue Ship” flag and the “Charter for Sustainability in Whale Watching”.

Is the whale watching at Los Gigantes?

Yes, the boats leave from the port of Los Gigantes and carry out the activity close to the area.

What is the best price to book excursions?

The prices on our website are the cheapest, as they are the original prices without intermediaries who inflate the prices.

Can I cancel dolphin and whale watching?

Yes, all companies allow cancellation of the activity, each with its own cancellation policy.

Can children go on excursions?

Yes, the whale watching companies in Los Gigantes allow children and babies in their activities.